Are there professional standards for the coaching industry?

Yes. Anyone accredited by the International Coach Federation must follow their guidelines and ethics for professional conduct, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality. There are also core competencies and strict credentialing and accreditation processes.

How will I know you are the right coach for me?

Our first session is a time for discovery. We’ll get to know one another a bit and begin to see if it’s an appropriate fit for both of us. Our first session will also give you a sample of what to expect from the coaching experience in general and my specific approach to coaching.

How do I get started in the coaching process?

All it takes is a quick call to schedule our initial discovery session. It’s that simple.

What should I expect from you as my coach?

Deciding on a coach is a big deal. Regardless of your choice in a coach, you should have the same expectations. That person should:

  1. Be a partner in bringing out your best, deepest and truest self

  2. Provide safety, encouragement and support in an environment where you can relax and explore

  3. Respect the confidentiality of the agreements that are made

  4. Expand your view of what’s possible, while promoting the discovery of new insights

  5. Provide input, direct feedback and operate as a sounding board

  6. Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness

  7. Act as an ongoing resource for you in accomplishing your intentions

What if I sign up for this and decide it isn’t right for me?

Sometimes, things don’t work out for one reason or another. I understand. You may cancel your coaching contract in writing at any time. 

May I contact you in between our scheduled coaching sessions?

Of course! Life doesn’t always work on our intended schedule. If something comes up between our meetings and you’d like some support, simply post an inquiry to your Client Log. We can arrange a time in the near future for coaching via your Private Client Website .