Companies are made of people.

It’s easy to forget. That’s especially true when your focus is “organizational success.” That organization could be an entire company or it could be a specific part, like a department or a team. Regardless of the size of your group, three truths apply:

  1. Your group is made of people.

  2. People are marvelously complex.

  3. People who understand and value themselves will better understand and value others.

These are the kinds of people who can work together to achieve established objectives. My goal is to work with you to develop leaders within your organization who will live your company’s values and collaborate enthusiastically for its success. I offer two approaches:

Seminar Coaching

If you have a team who needs to work together more efficiently and overcome a specific challenge, seminar coaching is always an option. I’ll work with you to identify the challenge and desired outcome, then we’ll design a program to addresses the situation and achieve a positive result. 

Since it’s based on your specific needs, we can work around any and all variables, including group size, location, time constraints, and budget. Regardless of the specifics, there’s one thing I can promise: the program design will engage and challenge your team to become better individuals who work better together. 

Extended Individual Coaching

Depending on your challenge, a one-time seminar coaching session may not be enough to effect the necessary changes. Individual members have distinct challenges within the team and within their lives. By addressing the issues that are unique to each person over an extended period of time, you can develop leaders at every level who live the values of your company and inspire those around them to do the same.

My team and I are able to accommodate one-on-one coaching with groups of practically any size. We can also use a combination of extended coaching and occasional seminar coaching to develop your team as both distinct and cooperative individuals.

Coach Flame has been an invaluable asset to our company as we’ve navigated leadership and industry changes. She’s effectively designed unique coaching services to support our company’s objectives – all while operating with the highest level of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. It is easy to say that Coach Flame sets the best example of ethical behavior and practice, which is why she’s able to gain trust quickly and have such a big impact.
— Katie K., CMO, Ervin & Smith

The idea of coaching may sound generally beneficial to your company, but you may not be able to translate it to the specific challenges you face.

I can work with you to pinpoint the root issues that could help your employees and your company into their next phase of growth. Some questions I’ve helped other companies answer include:

  • How do we develop our employees and have them engage more deeply with our company?

  • How do we transform managers into leaders?

  • How do we improve communication within the company to improve our working relationships?

  • How do we rebuild trust and communication after losing a key leader?

  • How do we unify our management to navigate change and uncertainty?

  • How do we empower employees in order for them to provide better service to our clientele?

Let’s discuss how we can develop a team of leaders at every level for your organization who work individually and collectively toward success.

Get Results

Easier Relationships

100% of my corporate coaching clients agree that my coaching has made work relationships easier

More Effective Leadership

94% of my corporate coaching clients agree that my coaching has helped them be more effective leaders

Easier Work

94% of corporate clients agree that my coaching has made work easier

Problem Solving

88% of my corporate coaching clients acknowledge that I help them solve problems that no one else has been able to solve