Leadership is not the same thing as authority. Anyone can be a leader — it means showing up and getting engaged in what matters to you

Find the leader inside you

As your career progresses, opportunities for leadership increase. You gain more responsibility, more access to company management, and more influence when it comes to achieving your team’s goals.

Maybe you’re in a new role as a manager. Maybe you’re seeking that role. Maybe you simply want to have more of an impact in your current position.

Improving certain practical skills, like communication and time management, will help. However, growing as a leader requires you to look deeper. Leadership is highly personal.

Together, we’ll discover the distinct traits that make you the best leader possible. We’ll find your leadership style and what makes it effective. Then, we’ll develop that style so that it’s easily sustainable for you.

This will give you the confidence in your leadership abilities that are necessary when work becomes difficult and hard decisions need to be made. After all, that’s when leadership matters most.

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— Karen B., COO

The purpose of leadership coaching is to help you gain more influence within your company and your career in general. We’ll work together to give you direction toward your specific goals and to answer the questions that help develop your individual leadership style, including:

  • What areas require my attention and need the most work, focus or delegation to others?

  • Do I have any blind spots when it comes to how others perceive me?

  • What are the traits I possess that will make me an effective leader?

  • What are the best ways for me to gain the trust and respect of my peers and my management?

  • How can I hold myself accountable for developing as a leader?