Becoming a great coach takes courage. Don’t go it alone

Coaches Need Coaches

This is true in a couple of ways. First, there’s the practical requirement of the ICF. If you’re applying for coaching credentials for the first time or you’re renewing your current credentials, you’ll need to spend some time with an credentialed coach.

Just as important, though, is the need for you to hone your coaching approach, skills and methodologies—not to mention your outlook on yourself and your clients. These sessions are structured to explore how you apply your coaching, find any blind spots and assess your coaching competencies when compared to the ICF’s core competencies.

Mentor coaching isn’t about judgment. It’s about growth. And helping other coaches develop the best possible understanding of themselves and their abilities is one of the things I cherish most about my own practice.

It all starts with you and where you are on your coaching journey. My purpose in mentor coaching isn’t solely to help you fulfill your ICF requirements. It’s to help you fulfill your potential and your goals.

Schedule a complimentary session to begin answering your questions—about coaching in general or about coaching sessions with me.

Signal Coaching Series

What if your client felt more at ease with you and more open to a truly engaging coaching experience, simply because you met some of their basic human needs? It is likely they did not even know they had these needs, but once met in the coaching engagement, it ups the game for both you and the client. Sign up for the 2019-2020 Signal Coaching Series to have clients coming back again and again so your business grows as they access their best self through partnering with you. Each module provides 1.5 Core Competency CCE’s and .5 hour Personal Development CCE’s.

Over the last few years that Flame has coached me, I have become more self-aware and more confident. Each session has helped me learn more about myself, and I look forward to each and every one.
— Amy H., Developer

What will we cover in our sessions?

We’ll talk about general coaching topics, like ethics, skills and competencies. Most of our time, however, will be spent on your development as a person and as a coach.

How many mentoring hours do I need?

Whether you’re applying for your initial credentials or renewing those credentials, you need 10 hours of mentor coaching from a credentialed coach. For coaches who are renewing their credentials, up to seven of those hours can be in a group setting. As you might suspect, group sessions are a cost-effective way to fulfill your requirements.

How long does mentor coaching last?

At a minimum, we’ll spread your required hours over three months. That means you should start early so that you can gain your credentials without waiting or renew them without lapsing.

Will mentor coaching help me build my business?

Not directly. Mentor coaching must focus on your coaching skills and client interactions. It can’t delve into building your practice, finding life balance or other non-coaching areas. Of course, it absolutely should help your business in the long run, because a more developed coach builds a stronger reputation and referral base.