The fuel for your fire is already inside you

During challenging times, we often look around us for the source of the issue. We think of the ways our coworkers, bosses and partners hold us back. If they would change, we could reach our goals.

There’s only one thing with that approach: you can’t solve other people.

You can only address how you approach people and circumstances. You need to understand your role, let go of the beliefs that don’t serve you, and tap into your core values to become your best self. That often requires a little assistance. I’m here to help.

I’ve worked with clients such as:


Flame has the ability to listen to what I’m saying and interpret what it actually means. She helps me identify what I’m feeling and doing and works with me so I can walk away from each session with a new breakthrough and a clear action item.
— Natalie R., Account Executive


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Kelly-Gitt headshot.jpg
It might sound funny but the thing [Flame] said to me that helped me the most was telling me that I didn’t have to be the smartest or best to live a successful life. It took the pressure off me to just be me and feel like I was worthy to make it happen.

Then I did it!
— Kelly G., Real Estate Agent